Thursday, May 15, 2008

Let's Hear It For The Boys

As the mother of 3 boys (and the wife of one) I gotta admit.....I love guys. I do. Don't get me wrong, I like girls and women just fine as well, but I really have a heart for the males of the species, bless 'em. And I often feel that in this day of female consciousness, that men get an often unfounded bad rap.

If you look at the mainstream media you would think that men wouldn't remember to breathe if they didn't have a woman around to remind them.

Case in point: television sitcoms. If you'll notice, most of them have the husband/father around as window dressing....scenery....just there for looks and not really anything else. They will portray the wife/mother as the emotional/spiritual/mental backbone of the family as the guy just walks around looking confused most of the time, the entire while being cuckolded by his superwoman/shrew of a wife. Is this really a reflection of our society as a whole? I don't think so.

If you watch the news, you would think that men are responsible for the decline of values in our society. Not so. It is shared equally. I know a lot of men who are smart, talented and responsible and yet they are not given nearly enough credit. Yet, when something goes wrong, who gets the blame most of the time? Sorry guys.

Yes, there are some sorry men out good, irresponsible, lazy, abusive, unfaithful and a waste of time. Equally, there are just as many women out there with the same traits. However, you just don't hear about them too often do ya? There are a lot of single mothers out there.....there are also a lot of single fathers as well, raising the kids alone, working the two jobs, cooking, cleaning, etc. You just don't really hear about them do you? And when you do, most peoples response is "So, he's just doing something women have been doing for a long time." When can a fella catch a break? When can he get credit for doing something right?

I mean, they put up with us most of the time. And ladies,don't fool yourselves. We are not easy to put up with, no matter how hard we might try to pretend that we are. To most men, we are at times a pit bull/killer rabbit mutation that they have no hope of figuring out (and that's WHEN we're crying).

And so, if you have a good man...or know a good man (and chances are that you do, somewhere), take a moment and let them know that they are doing as good a job as they can with what they have. As for the rest of them....stay away....far away...from them.

Now, I'm going to go turn Grover over in his sleep and remind him to breathe before he suffocates.

Peace alllll.....................
This picture of the boys here.....while I was taking it, instead of the standard "Say cheese" line, I told them "Say cheesedoodles!" They thought I said "Say cheese do-do!" which made their day. See? One of the many reasons I love boys!


Granny Annie said...

Farts and do-do move a male to extreme knee-slapping laughter from childhood through adulthood.

damon said...

I am e-mailing this post to EVERY womans address in my contacts!

...and my ex.

elizabeth said...

Gotta tell ya, I used to be one of them that thought men might just be evil... cept my little man... then, however, I met my Spartan and now - NOW - not only do I have a renewed faith in the male species but a renewed faith in humanity in general. He is the most amazing human being I have ever met. Yay boys!

PS - The meez...supposed to be crying. I know. I thought it looked like it was nose picking as well - BUT if you click on it you can view my full on pity party. :o)

Oh great One said...


When my son was born I was given a book called "The wonder of boys". I didn't read it till last summer but it really opened my eyes to exactly what you are talking about here. Now I see it EVERYWHERE!

I have a good man and I love him to pieces!

VE said...

It works...I laughed at cheese doo-doo!

VE said...

It works...I laughed at cheese doo-doo!